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Relationship or Flirtationship ….. It is your call, ladies.

Flirtationship is a new word, means two people make out when they see each other, flirt a bit here and there, but not a relationship. It has more emotion to it than just being a FB (Fuck Buddy) because at least you two can be seen in public. People know there’s something going on between […]


  Thanks God I make it to Sunday without any damages. As far as I remember. I am pretty sure we all had a good Saturday (except Jessica Black, since she prefer Friday) I had my Saturday done as I expected it to be. It was smooth and sours (mojito) Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be […]

When a bitch calls another bitch ‘BITCH’

Have you watched ‘mean girls’ yet? I suggest you to watch it before reading this. My favorite lines from this movie; calling other people stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. Calling other people fat doesn’t make you any skinnier. It is ok though; some people deserve to be called like that just joking.  ( kinda) […]

I’m better off without (a ……….) like you.

Hell to the O, I’m better off without (a …….fill in as you want) Have you ever had a friend whose gf/bf is  totally a freak?  Or do you have friends who are freaks? Controlling freaks, Jealousy freaks, No personality freaks, ….. Are you one of them ? I was. What is the point of […]


DO NOT DISTURB. ALREADY DISTURBED…. What could be worse than being a single?  Married? I don’t know. I can’t speak for everyone.  The worst part of being single for me is not enjoying being a single. It is already hard to just enjoy your daily life. The fact that, we all live in a big […]


  WANTED BY MANY,TAKEN BY NONE, LOOKING AT SOME,WAITING FOR ONE. Believe it or not? I have been single and ride solo for 2 years now. It is a very sad truth,in the other hand I’m pretty comfortable this way and when someone actually came up, I ran as fast as my high heels can(got to tell […]

women (we +men) …

“WOMEN”         (WE (and) MEN) Hi, I think I skipped the social manner to even introduce myself to you. I apologize. And that is one thing about me you have already learned. I say “sorry” if I make mistakes. If you think this is another blog of an angry woman, then I have to disappoint you […]