Face it, you do one of these, or even better YOU HAVE DONE THEM ALL.

Number  10 :  ” I don’t normally do that, I WAS DRUNK

Heard it before? Said it before?  Both? Oh,well …big or small I don’t need your details. We all did it either other way.

Number 9   : I don’t know how did it happen,but IT WASN’T ME

Shout it out we all did this one. Some of us did,some is still doing. With parents,friends,boss,gf/bf,or yourself. And I have a confession to make ” Daddy,if you read this I sat on your glasses. How else do you think they broke like that?”

Number 8 :  ” YOU ARE DIFFERENT” ( held hands and look in the eyes moment you wish it lasted forever)

Simple, Yeah!!! We all are different. Why else do you think people are  fu*king around? Because WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Number 7  : ” I am not like that. I AM DIFFERENT

Go back to number 6 read it again. Sure you’re not like that. And you are different. Less bullshit or full of shit. Same!

Number 6 : ” I didn’t get it. MY PHONE IS dead/vibrate/. Blame it on the phone.”

How is it my fault? my phone is just a piece of crap? End of story what else can you say to that? All your answer will sound just as wrong as the statement. It works, you do know it works. And you realize how important your phone is. You will always try to keep it alive and check it once in a while. So, cut the crap! We know it’s a lie. lets say 99.99



Good to hear darling. But last time I checked you slept with her and I caught you. Communication Over. If it doesn’t mean anything we can just guess nothing means anything. NEXT!

Number 4 : ‘ I’M SINGLE

How do you know if someone is taken or not? If it’s not officially ” in a relationship” on facebook status we all are single. In a smarter level, Why the hell facebook needs to have super privacy setting? Don’t you get it,once you are here, your life is almost here too. Back to what I was saying ” I am single” ( now,after 2 am) (for the next 45 minutes,what? longer than that?ok) (as long as you don’t see a ring on my finger) (you’re cute and you know I lie but we want it,so?why not)

Solutions??? Take your time, you will find out. hmmm.. hard way

Number 3  : “ I DON’T HAVE IT

You are just so lazy to pull out a one out of your bag for your friend. That’s it. Pure laziness. What to do? Just don’t freaking have it!!!!

Number 2 : “ I MISS YOU TOO”  (after some random people who doesn’t really mean anything to you said that, awkward moments)

As much as I miss my dentist appointment,I miss you too….. Social Manner. Learn it!

Number 1 : ” I LOVE YOU

Most powerful lie, people tell and people fall into. There’s no way to prove if it’s really a lie or it means a little something or well, nothing at all. Funny as it sounds, some of us love to believe it, even though we know for the fact that it’s a pure lie. (well,it’s better that way sometimes) But,hey when I say I love you. I really mean it ( as much as other lies I tell you)

NOTE : Karma is a bigger than the bitch, you lie to. Faster than the dude you hear the lies from.

I don’t have a solution for any of these,If you do hit me up. Just remember one thing,the moment you tell lies to others you already lie to yourself.  The moment you let people lie to you….. hmm, I guess we all have our own reasons and I am not here to point my fingers.  Just so you know, It hurts both way.



3 comments on “TOP 10 LIES …

  1. i’m a real fake person, i said more than half of your those words you’ve mentioned!! lol,, I LOVE YOU!!

  2. Its a beginning!

  3. It’s a very fresh begining right?

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