One way or another?No, it's only one way and that's my way


Believe it or not? I have been single and ride solo for 2 years now. It is a very sad truth,in the other hand I’m pretty comfortable this way and when someone actually came up, I ran as fast as my high heels can(got to tell you this, running on heels is totally my skill) I sort of leave (ditch) an amnesty lawyer. I will not be in a relationship because of social status or I feel lonely and have to be alone at every single family events. I don’t care who you are,how much money you have,how cute your face is,or how hot your 6 pack abs look. I have been there,done that,had the best,had the rest. And honestly, they all are the same.

What is ” single”? what does it mean? how does it work?

Independent : one world for me that could explain everything about being SINGLE in my dictionary.

 Financially (well, I broke by the middle of the month normally,but that’s what friends for,right?)  You owe a man nothing. You pick up the bill if he doesn’t (gentle men always pick up the tap from my experience and others,both men and women friends of mine)  You can get what the hell you want without somebody nagging how stupid the Marc Jacobs pen is? FYI : it’s my freaking money,STFU ….

Emotionally, No more blame it on PMS. It is not PMS,it’s me. I am just a bitch. End of story,simple truth. I just want to be grumpy,brat,crazy,and wants attention and act like I am 4 years old with pony tails. It’s me,wanting it. PMS can make it worse,but pretty much I can be myself and watch Love actually without a man rolling his eyes. Even better, I can sing from the top of my lung when west life is on my playlist. Basically, you are emotionally independent and nobody will ever make you feel incomplete …..

Physically, Why else do you think my blackberry always on vibrate ……. HAHA

Don’t you have enough of the world today? Capitalism, Wars, Climate Change, Hollywood, Gym, Jimmy Choo..??

Seriously, some times you need to realize that not being taken is not the end of the world. It’s by choice. I am not saying that I build the walls to protect myself from getting hurt and ended up in the middle of nowhere at 4 am crying. I build the walls to see who will want me enough to break them. If nobody ever wants it,that’s fine too. I am a woman with choices and my choices don’t always include something called a “PENIS” .. sperm bank, adoptions, taking care of my nephews kids. I don’t feel the need of hugging muscles without feeling. Telling you what,I am so glad all my buddies are in a very good shape,plus they don’t ever try to hurt me and I can trust them when I am drunk and I can take advantage of them every here and there when we meet.

I have many things to do,many places to see. I will go at my own pace. That man,doesn’t need to make me any happier,but he is not allowed to take away my happiness,no matter how much I like him and soon I see how it will come,simply walk away before it’s getting too late… I have learned it the hard way.

Love is good,but I am on reserve for now …. let’s see what happens



4 comments on “SINGLE – DO NOT DISTURB.

  1. ALL the women INDEPENDENT….. throw your hands up at me!!!

  2. I am …. but the last thing i remember was my hands dragging you to see the boobies …. what a day

  3. Hey ! Wimin Hahahaa
    Just dropping by

  4. love you baby,thanks for visiting

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