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women (we +men) …

“WOMEN”         (WE (and) MEN)

Hi, I think I skipped the social manner to even introduce myself to you. I apologize. And that is one thing about me you have already learned. I say “sorry” if I make mistakes.

If you think this is another blog of an angry woman, then I have to disappoint you BIG TIME.  Well, I can be an angry biatch if I need to, but normally if you don’t get on my nerves I am pretty chill.  So, what is this all about? A single woman who lives capitalism and party every other night? Oh, I don’t say no to Starbucks and McDonald’s. I love to enjoy myself at night after a long ass day.  I am not a fashionista. My dad doesn’t own any of the hotels in the country. So, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Right?


I am just a typical woman who was born in the 90s, grew up with pop culture, Hollywood movies, MTV, Cosmopolitan magazine, Disney’s fairy tales. You have some ideas now.

From those ingredients, here I stand.

I don’t claim myself just another pretty face (I secretly think so though) I am not a genius. Not even close. I just enjoyed myself through my 4 years and I did it. Proudly said, I have the best opportunity for my career and I was the very first person in my class who got a job and gets paid as if I am a foreigner with a degree. Does it tell you anything?

I am a woman on a mission. I don’t need a permission to express my opinion or live my life and reach my dream. Now, you might think I am a bitter independent woman. NO.

Anyways, the more you allow yourself to get a little bit closer to me, we will totally see me through the right lenses and we are going to have so much fun together.

This is a blog of people who stand their ground. Shout to hear their voice. Dare to share and pretty much run on4 inchhigh heels. Doesn’t mean I declare myself as men’s enemy.  Honestly, I love men. I love them. They suck, silly, crazy. BUT I LOVE THEM. And my male friends are the best. I am not shy to admit it that I have been through all kind of pain because of my buddies.

So, I am not a man hater, either.  I am here to hear my voice (in this case, my typing) and courage my girls to step out and SHINE. I am not talking about makeup, dress up. I am talking about being able to express your opinion on daily world issues, go to people’s faces (for the right reasons) believe in what you believe and make it happens.

Sounds like a dream, huh? They say “a girl can dream”  ……. I say “a girl doesn’t have to dream. She can create her own reality”

Till now, you should have some ideas about me. And you probably have made your decision to either stay or leave.  Your call,  baby. Stick around and see what happens or leave and you will never find out.

As for now, I think it is not a bad start. I am so excited to get to know what type you are too. I can’t wait to hear from you. That click clack of the high heels of yours, they are just as sexy as the voice of Frank Sinatra. Learn how to use them, own them, shine on them.

Bye for now.

FYI : leave your comments and I will reply, but if you are certain on being a smartass and haters, be prepare to get it back too … Don’t ever think it’s a one way communication here. I WARN YOU.


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