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I’m better off without (a ……….) like you.

Hell to the O, I’m better off without (a …….fill in as you want)

Have you ever had a friend whose gf/bf is  totally a freak?  Or do you have friends who are freaks? Controlling freaks, Jealousy freaks, No personality freaks, ….. Are you one of them ? I was.

What is the point of being with someone who is constantly driving you nuts 4 times a day? 6 days a week? Don’t you have a life? If you don’t, I suggest you to have one. You should have a life you know that, right?( Working,studying, going to the gym, doing something productive)

I used to put up with stupid,crazy,assholes,dickhead. You name it. I have had them all. Now,I look back and I want to slap myself. HOW THE HELL I DISRESPECTED MYSELF THAT MUCH? Why did I even let these people keep doing what they were doing to me? OH, LOVE!! Our magic word. Now I learn to use that word more often than I did when I was with someone. And I used it for ME, MYSELF.

I have had my size 4 body into all kinda things. I had locked myself up,studying for my graduation piece. I had involved with something very dangerous and some people already hate me for doing something difference. I have been engaged myself to something I LOVE. I have been doing all kind of stuff ALONE..

Some where in this city, many couples are struggling with their relationships. They try to work it out,well that’s good. They try to give each other a second chance.( third, forth) . You people are just a loving human,unlike me I just get smarter.

You can’t make the same mistake twice. The 2nd time you make it, it’s no longer a mistake. It’s a choice!!! You don’t have to listen to me. I am just sharing from what I have learned. I am not saying you shouldn’t forgive people. You absolutely should forgive them,in order to make yourself  happy, LET IT GO..

Back to the topic,I will try to stay on 600 – 8oo words today. Now, that is just not necessery. Ok, back to the topic for real, If you know this person of yours are going to cheat on you again why the hell do you still want to be with that person? Or maybe that person will not do it again,but your  brain is already fucked. You can’t trust again and everything you do it’s only going to cause both of you more and more drama,and now that when I care.

I have been single for 2 years. I had a major heart-broken last year. I did something when my friends already told me,forced me, or even threaded me not to do it again. But, I was just a girl with a heart and I believed that I loved him. I just wanted him to know that,even it hurt me. Whatever, I did my part and now we’re cool. He still has his place in my heart,not in a very same position,but he’s still my Mr. Oreo.

We all know what is good and what is bad for us,but we just want it our way so most of us just ended up hurting ourselves. Why is it an issue? It is a major issue. When you whining, moaning,crying, dying in front of ME!! I listen to friends. I share with my girls. But, once it’s enough,it’s enough… I told you 4653 times that he/she isn’t good for you after you caught him or her with other people for the 13rd time? Fine, If you want to risk it. But I am tired too you know. I have many shit going on in my head and I can’t repeat myself every 2 minutes.

Point : Think about it, Think about it again. Do you really want to hold on to someone who is called a ” bitch” an”asshole’ ? Or whatever names your friends and parents call them? Don’t you want to just be free and be able to see people coming and going? Do you really need to cry every single time when that person yells at you? Why do you even let happen?

I know from my heart,it’s easy to say. I get attached to people easily and I had to admit that I got distracted and addicted from someone lately,but then he made me realized something. I can’t be bothered wanting to see him wanted to talk to me. It’s disturbing. I like him,but I don’t want a relationship. And I can’t stand the fact that I would let something or someone distract me from what I am doing. Well,if the time is right + the right person I guess there will be no distraction and I would feel comfortable with a relationship or letting people into my life more.

Remember one thing, if someone wants you they will go as slow as you want. You don’t need to worry that you will die alone. And if being with someone means crying 23 hours a day,then that is just so wrong. YOU BETTER OFF ALONE. And guess what? I am alone too. So, are many people out there who value themselves and want to make the best out of themselves. So, darling next time you cry over this stupid dickhead again,I will hang up on you.



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