When a bitch calls another bitch ‘BITCH’

Have you watched ‘mean girls’ yet? I suggest you to watch it before reading this. My favorite lines from this movie; calling other people stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. Calling other people fat doesn’t make you any skinnier. It is ok though; some people deserve to be called like that just joking.  ( kinda)

I can be bitchy at times. I can get extremely crazy and bitch about something or someone for days. One thing about me, if you don’t start I will never start.  If you start I will make sure it lasts forever, or I will be the one who put an end to it. If you have been on my facebook or have been my friends for years, you would have known that I don’t preemption* people. I just strike back.  

I look back and I have realized that I wasted an hours striking back people who didn’t mean shit to me. I never give people reasons to hate me. They just create dramas out of their own insecurity.  And if I could turn back time I would have told that bitch (sorry, but I need to say this word since I mention the story in the past) that “hope you fix your insecurity soon, love Wim”

Why women call each other a “bitch”? What is the most popular issue we fight each other? Why do we hate each other?  I give you 5 minutes to think.  TIME IS UP.  Because, of JEALOUSY.   What are the factors of this global disease? I give you another 2 minutes.  I would say “MEN’’. (Or other women) I would say “beauty”. I would say “attention”. I would say “size”.  Now, what we have here are some factors I could have thought of.  Can you take a moment and re-read this paragraph and think about it again? Where do those factors come from? Do you need a moment? Or you already got it?

The answer is “you” (me, us) we create our dramas and hatreds from our lack of confidence and low self-esteem.   The real reason why this one person hated me (I put it as a pass tense because from my part I don’t hate her anymore, how nice of me. I know, right?)  Can you guess?  The answer is a man.  It had been a very disturbing, sickening and depressing period in our lives. I got over it. He did. She didn’t. She would keep going on and on about me. I put my photos on my own personal page was a world issue for her. I had to admit I was stupid enough to get angry over that shit. Why did I care so much about how this bitch talks about me? I give you 5 minutes. I felt insecure too.

Now, I don’t really hate her anymore. I don’t hate people anymore. Do you see my halo? I am not faking to be nice. I am not. I am still the same person, but I just have a lot of “me, myself and I” to think of.  I have the best job. My boss is a very nice man. My office is full of single women. My friends are awesome. I am in my best shape. I feel fucking good with everything. That is why I don’t even have time to be such an angry bitch all the time. I still can turn to be the best damn bitch that you have ever met, only if you treat me in a shitty way. I am like a mirror. It’s not me, but your reflection.

Its 9.54 when I am writing this. I expect all the bitches to get over your own insecurity and forget every person that bothers the shit out of you. I will remind you again. It’s not them. It’s you.  So, by 12 o’clock every bitch will keep the bitchiness in a box and hide it for now.  Tomorrow is Saturday. We all going to forget each other bitchiness and put on the best dress and makeup. We will look at the mirror and see stay focus on what we see. We will get rid of our unhappy and gain self-esteem. You don’t know how? I will tell you. That’s the whole point of writing the blog, bitches!  (It is ok to call your friends a bitch and in this case I meant it in a lovely way)

Tina Fey said at the end of the movie “Mean girls” Women can run the world if we stop fighting each other. I buy it. I believe we can do everything we want. I can run in high heels. And I would love to see all my bitches do the same.

If you don’t know where to go after put on the best dress, you know where to find me. By the time I go to bed, it would be 12 o’clock and I would put my anger and bitchiness in a wooden box already. So, it is safe to come and join me tomorrow. I keep my words. I won’t slap you if you don’t start. If you slap me first, I’ll kick you in the face. Just saying 😉



2 comments on “When a bitch calls another bitch ‘BITCH’

  1. It’s one of my favorite quote too “Calling other people stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. Calling other people fat doesn’t make you any skinnier”, I think it’s ashame to look down other people. If people can control their jealousy and use it in the right way would be awesome, such as when they see woman who has greater body, instead of gossiping, they should go to gym. Every women is beautiful, they need to love themselves first and share to the others, then their inner beauty will be revealed. Wim is a voice of new generation and remind every women to stop fighing same gender and then We women can conqure the world. Good job Wim. It’s time to speak out 😉

  2. you truely,are beautiful inside out. 🙂 thanks for stopping by

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