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Thanks God I make it to Sunday without any damages. As far as I remember. I am pretty sure we all had a good Saturday (except Jessica Black, since she prefer Friday) I had my Saturday done as I expected it to be. It was smooth and sours (mojito)

Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there……. Beware what you wish for

Hello, Sunday. Who the hell are you? The shocking moment, when you wake up and see how pretty you were before you went to the party. (The shocking moment, if you wake up in a stranger’s bed)

Damages had been done. Don’t even bother to remember what you did. You can’t fix it.  GROW UP! AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTION.

There’s no point being a sap and looking like a homeless person. It’s Sunday. It’s your day to shine and recharge your battery before Mondays. (Too bad, you decided to punish your Sunday with your Saturday) Now, get your ass up and get the hell out of your apartment (or other’s) Here is some stuff I do on Sundays.


Doesn’t matter if you are single or not sure in your relationship status, you need a day for yourself. It’s your day, you make a decision on where to go, what to eat, who to meet, or whose call you want to answer. (Shut your phone is kind of good too, for a few hour) The best Sunday is to be with yourself.  I like to spend my Sundays at Starbucks and watch people. I always love to do it alone.

Shit faced? Put your shades on. What is your Sunday dress code? My dress code when I don’t have to work is always shorts, shirt and flip-flops.  We call it “Celeb looks” Do not waste your time on makeup. That’s why we put on shades, hello!! Lip gloss??  Perfume??  Hair ups! Let’s bounce.

Now that you already hide like a celeb, grab your laptop and go to any coffee shop near your house, get your breakfast (Coffee isn’t a good choice after a heavy night. It will make you more dehydrated) People are now looking at you and wondering who you are? Because you conceal yourself plus your voice is broken from yelling at the dj. Absorb the attention, baby.

In a normal un-hangover day, I spend almost a day in a coffee shop or a book store. In a hangover day I give myself an hour max to get noticed and be an attention please, attention. You have your breakfast with you, get a magazine or newspapers or your smartphone and enjoy whatever you can do with them.  It is your day. It’s ok to allow yourself to be a center of attention and shine. Let people look at you with doubt. Don’t forget to smile back J

If you think you are comfortable to stay longer, do it. If not, go home. As for today, I picked the latter. Once you get some more sleep or get to do what you have to do, you will feel a lot better. The easiest and most powerful self-esteem gaining process is “Nails Polish” Most women feel difference after they change their nails color. DO IT! What is in your beauty agenda? Bring it. I couldn’t get my ass to a spa today. The laziest beauty routine you can do is” SCRUBS” yourself. (With a body scrubs, of course) after that bring out your “Victoria doesn’t tell” (Victoria’s secret) body lotion. You need to have a sweet princess body lotion. (My favorite from VS is Endless Love, or Crystal Bright from Versace, this one is kinda dry. The body shop has variety body butter cream “Vanilla” or “Moroccan rose” are sexy) Do you have energies left? No? Stay in, and turn on your cheesy movie or love songs and sing. If yes, a movie alone is hot. There is nothing hotter than a hot girl walking alone with her personal spotlight which call “BLING” (CONFIDENCE) If you are an amateur “BLING BLING”, a book store or a mall should be a good start. 

Since we all have a life, today shouldn’t be a late night day. If you don’t have a life yet, pretend that you do. Don’t get home more than 9. I would suggest 7 max! Up until now, you must have gained some self-esteem and felt a bit better with yourself from getting noticed. I want you to remember that we do all these in order to feel good about yourself not to GET ANOTHER DOUCH. It is a WMD remember??  It is best for you to plan your week when you are in a good condition, so get it over with. Do your routines and before you go to bed, there’s one thing you definitely should do, and that is “Thanks”

Am I on crack? Thanks, who?  What? Thanks yourself to survive the wildest party without harming others. Thank all your friends who were with you last night. You make it alone all day, today.  But, you wouldn’t be able to do shit today without your friends helping you at the stage of “Fuck,I am drunk” yesterday.  So, a little appreciation wouldn’t hurt, would it?  Text, BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook your friends with “I had so much fun with you last night. Thank you sweetheart for a disaster we made. I love you. Goodnight “

I LOVE YOU TOO, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Last night was just awesome…..



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