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Relationship or Flirtationship ….. It is your call, ladies.

Flirtationship is a new word, means two people make out when they see each other, flirt a bit here and there, but not a relationship. It has more emotion to it than just being a FB (Fuck Buddy) because at least you two can be seen in public. People know there’s something going on between you two, but you’re not TOGETHER……

I can’t tell you the exact definition of this word, but let’s say it is not a “RELATIONSHIP” and the risk of getting hurt is approximately around 98.98. (When relationship is certainly 100 percent)

I am not judging. You can be single an available. You can be single and do not disturb. You can be single and looking around. You can be single and fuck the world. Do what you got to do, as long as you don’t hurt other people. More importantly, hurting  yourself.

Whatever reasons of the kind of relationship, flirtationship you are holding right now? I don’t want to hear them. We all have our own reasons and these reasons are very rational (For you) they keep you in your comfort zone, but yet you can still have fun. Isn’t it awesome? YEAH!!! IF YOU WERE THE ONE WHO HAD ALL THE FUN.

I am trying to stop myself from writing about relationship. I really need to get into my political stuff. But something bothered the shit out of me today. One of my buddies, I will call him “The brainer” This guy is very smart, one of my favorite boy in the world. The level of our craziness is about the same. The brainer called me this morning, emergency calls. He got himself into one of those situations when the FB(FUCK BUDDY) ran into the girl he accidentally have been having sex with or did have sex with.  Unfortunately, one of the girls is the one who he really likes. Now, everything is all fucked up. I have been through this similar scene before. You couldn’t imagine how bad it hurt, really did hurt. I have solved this kinda situation before too. As I said I have many male buddies and these lovely buddies of mine are a total douche for other women.

My whole point here is; be honest. If you both are not ready for any commitment so don’t get into one. Don’t confuse infatuation and love. You are not 12 anymore. You need to know what kind of person you want and for what purpose.  Once you sign the contract, there is no turning back. Even though you keep telling yourself it’s not a relationship, but one day either of you will get attached and tell me when it happens, I will be there (Laugh)   only joking.

What I am saying is, we are old enough to be responsible for our actions. We are smart enough to see what would happen once we get on this road. It could be something good (doubt it) and you two will live happily ever after (bullshit) It could be just another regret. But most of all, you know it at the first place. So, you have to make a call, either you want it or nothing at all.

I personally KNOW FOR THE FACT that flirtationship will always end up bad. Well, even a relationship could end badly. You are not allowed to expect anything. If you are fine with that and that person of yours is fine with that, who am I to tell you not to do? Every player has to respect the rules. This kind of game, you can always walk out. You can finish the game. And ladies, do it before they do that to you.

I hope you will think about the risk. Some people say ‘The reason why we still hold on to somebody because they actually made us smile’ I ask you to read this again. “They MADE us smile” It is a past tense. FORGET IT. It’s ok to keep the memories of those dickheads who broke your hearts, but don’t hang on to it.

Whatever decision you make, fully accountable will be held by you, to you, and because of you. Five minutes fun cost 5 weeks or months of crying and shit load of chocolate.

Now, after you think about it. You should think about you. Think about what you want and how you value yourself. I know it is a matter of heart. You can’t stop it. Love is good when it’s right.  Sex is also good with a right person. I guess I will leave the rest for you. It seems like we all have homework to do tonight.

FYI: I will be there when you cry and I expect the same J


We just want to live lives, don’t we?


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