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That’s me

I am a fan. People call me a brand name whore. I think I am, yes I am. I totally throw the blame to my ex. He is a coffee addicted and I got it from him. I stopped going to Starbucks for a big while to avoid the awkward moment of “HI, where is the Sergeant today?”  I asked myself the same question “Where the hell is he?” I am back to my routine of getting a coffee when I get nervous and after meal and while I work and when I have to wait for people. Basically, I go to Starbucks 2 times a day.

The fact about the quality of Starbucks doesn’t make me love it any less. It’s very convenient for me to have a quickie(As for a quick bite of meal, what are you thinking?)I can do breakfast +lunch+ dinner at Starbucks in a busy day. (Everyday)

This is not a coffee fan page. The story started from my “Curry”. I don’t know how exactly we got into this, but it had something to do with men. I used to date a rich guy and I felt like a princess and crippled at the same time. I didn’t have to do anything, didn’t even have to THINK. It sucked. I used to date a guy who was totally down to earth and easy going. Mr. Oreo is that man I was talking about. We had a thing for 7/11 coffee. It was like our romantic moment together, pouring water into the plastic cup and stir the coffee with the cheap plastic stirrer.   WHAT??? That’s what I called “romantic”. I don’t ask a lot.

The discussion on the coffee with “Curry” was I felt like I didn’t fit in, in every new man who is richer than me, and well known. I felt intimidated and I felt like I was nobody. I stepped out every time. I went and talked to “Curry” about how much I liked this dude, but all his ex-girlfriends are super-duper rich or a super model or blond or size 0 or C++ cup. Shouldn’t I feel something?

So, I came to my own conclusion of I would stick around with someone like Mr. Oreo. The “Curry” told me why let the social status ruin something that might be good. I was thinking about it for 2 minutes. I was gonna buy it, and then I decided not to. The “Curry” must has been very frustrated, its last shot was this question” You wouldn’t drink 7/11 coffee if it wasn’t because of him. You have always been a Starbucks girl and he should know that and except you for that” It hit me. The “Curry” was totally right. I never thought of 7/11 coffee and even when I couldn’t find Starbucks I wouldn’t buy it from 7/11. I would get my coffee from a coffee shop.

Do you get what the point is? The curry tried to tell me that I wasn’t myself when I was with Mr. Oreo. After our conversation, I started to think about it. The curry was totally right AGAIN. I am pretty easy going. I could do bucket. I could do camping. BUT I LOVE STARBUCKS OR A DECENT COFFEE SHOP. And 7/11 coffee was one of the thing I wouldn’t do. NEVER, EVER!!! Somewhere along that journey I lost myself and I wasn’t myself at all. Mr. Oreo thought I was a serious and pretty mature person. He thought I was some sort of an intelligent. He had absolutely no clue about me. I could make more people laugh in a day than made him laughed in 8 months.

This is not a relationship lesson only. It is also about how two human can react and communicate to each other and still feel comfortable and don’t feel offended.  I have the same friendship with “Curry”. We could tell each other to shut up and still respect each other. We could enjoy our silence and don’t talk at all. We would disappear from each other for months and understand the whole situations and still get back together.

If someone really likes you, that person will accept you for who you are and you will feel completely comfortable being yourself. You two can sit next to each other and read magazine or even Facebooking each other. You can fight and still feel comfortable fighting with that person. The thing about fighting isn’t about the best makeup sex. It is about you fight over things between you two and make them disappear and try to work your relationship or friendship out. It means you value your relationship. Once you get sick of fighting and say “Fuck it” that’s when you should think about taking off.

It is not easy to find someone who can accept you who get wild after 3 drinks. It is not easy to find someone who can get your ass in line without you feeling like a prisoner. It is very hard to find someone who carries you home after a rough night. It is not east at all to have someone who see how messy you can get and still want you. And it is almost impossible to find someone who can tell you honestly and directly when you act stupid, not after 3 months and bring it out and you’d be like what the fuck did I do/when?

I don’t know where you can find them, but don’t lose yourself on the way of chasing that person. I do not suggest you to chase after men. If he thinks you’re the one he will fight for it. You also need to put your guards down a bit too. And if you see one, somewhere, I would love to hear your story.  I am a cheesy woman. I love being a cheese ball and these stupid love stories always put a smile on my face.

I love you too



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