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What fair is fair I am not taking side because I am a woman? I know women can be complicated, weird, emotional, crazy and bitchy. We do speak our own PMS bleeding love language too. My whole point is not about getting us into some sort of war, but for the fact that we will have to live together either other way, why don’t we just get to know each other the way we are?
According to my last post of ‘I speak Martian’, some of my Martian told me my article was way too long and the Martian got bored to give me back comments. I should have known that! Let’s just get it over with, shall we?
“I WILL CALL YOU BACK” Ladies, when the Martian said he would call you back, he would. It could be in 20 minutes. Possible to take 2 hours or some time later at night, depends on what type of Visa you are holding. If you have a tourist visa (Friend with benefit, one night only (in every week), or some random human) then you can’t expect much. If you hold a work visa you will be treated a bit better. Let me remind you again, if he said he would call you back that mean it will take more than 2 seconds right after he hung up to get back to you. We seem to think that if the Martian say, they will call back it means our phone will ring in 5 minutes or 30 minutes MAX. I can’t explain why, but many of us are like that.
Lesson Learned: Don’t stare at your phone and waste your time creating dramas. It won’t do you any good, but ruins your relationship and ending up yelling at each other. You are not long for one freaking phone call. 9/10 of men who are interested and care for their women would call back, not right away, but not 2 days later either. THINK, WILL YOU?

“I WILL CRASH NOW, GOOD NIGHT” Your eyes automatically glance at the watch, your brain cells start to vibes and analyze some bullshit. It’s only 10 o’clock, he can’t be sleepy now. Arr, I did that with my ex when I was 17. I am 23 and have been through all kind of dramas and survived long term relationships, May I explain this? You could be right about his bedtime. He is not going to bed. He is just tired of being on a phone hearing your gossip and mid night sale. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore; he just wants to cut the crap and goes to bed. When I say “go to bed” that doesn’t mean BED as for a sleeping mattress and pillow and your hello kitty doll you gave him. It could simply mean soccer game on TV, the Simpsons with beer, or X-box. Hey, we do too. I say I will go to bed when I’m done talking and I’m happy to just have him calls for a quick “good night”.
Lesson Learned: I just don’t see the point of telling everything, he’s not my dairy and the more you keep pushing it the more arguing takes part.” I am going to bed now” “Ok, baby. Good night” …….. Keep it simple, Keep it real. Now, you can go back to your Cosmopolitan or do what you have left.
“I AM NOT SURE WHEN, LET’S ME SEE” Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession to make. This is my classic line of saying “Whatever” means I am not very keen on seeing them. May I add my personal reasons before you judge me for being a picky bitch? I have my standard of approaching. If he wants to go out with me, he will make it happen. (Obviously, nobody really wants to) I think it applies the same to men. They will buzz your ass for a place, a date, a time, or even a dress code. When a sentence consists “not sure” it means by that “NOT SURE (IF I WANT IT OR NOT) (IF I WANT YOU THAT MUCH)” It burns a little bit for being rejected, but it’s good for a long run. You deserve a man who risks and works hard for you. It’s his loss, ladies.
Lesson Learned: “LET’S ME SEE TOO” You can give him a shot or two (not a body shot), but if he keeps getting away with an uncertain appointment, easy way out “Fuck him” (I mean, forget it. Not…) He might learn his lessons and make it happen or he might not learn anything. Both results are benefited for you.
These are basic sentences that mostly lead a couple into a conflict and “It’s complicated” Facebook relationship status. I hope you get the pictures of those 3 examples. May be?

Theory: Your happiness + his happiness = each other’s happiness. Once you’re not happy or not being yourself and starting to do something immoral and illegal that’s when you have to stop. For me relationship or marriage simply means “sharing”. He doesn’t have to make me any happier, BUT HE’S NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE AWAY MY HAPPINESS. I am willing to share my happiness and I go out of my way to make my boy happy always.
We are an adult now. We do know what we want, speak it out. Don’t lie, sooner or later people will find out. Don’t assume, it makes a mess out of nothing. Be fair and let the other has his/her choice whether stays or goes. Don’t be a reason for your Martian to lie to you.

PS, Happy Birthday ” The face” and please use your face wisely hahaha


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