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Financially Broke is better than emotionally one.

When you shop you get something back. Maybe your size 0 mini skirt won’t fit your size 6 butt today, but it will eventually. You can sell them to your friend or you can take them as inspiration and motivation, get your fat ass to gym. Whatever the credit card bill looks like, you got […]

So you think you can lie?

Men claim to (themselves) as a good liar and they are so proud of their work. I have seen a lot of tricks and how smooth they work to get away with their bull crap. Sorry Gents, Hurting your ego is my hobby. You are nowhere near women when it comes to DRAMA. We are […]

Dear Idiots, you pissed me off.

I need to write these letters to some ignorant retarded out there who constantly piss me off. (Unfortunately, I don’t know their addresses) Dear Idiots on a train, Don’t you know that you should move the hell inside the train so that other people can squeeze their butt to work too? What is your problem […]


Be sexy, sassy, sweet, sour, slightly slutty, silly, and smart. So what? I’ll be everything I am fu#cking single ok? I have a girlfriend who had been in a relationship her whole life. She is one of those girls who don’t ride solo. Now, she’s single and since she hasn’t been living a single life […]

You’re so impotent to me.

You didn’t even notice it, did you? That’s a sign of being impotent. Ignorance! What I’m doing now is more than just blogging; it’s a mission to save our human kind. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR MALE NOT TO BE IMPOTENT AS IT IS FOR FEMALE TOO. Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and […]

Don’t waste my time with these text.

SOMETIMES I IGNORE TEXT NOT BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THEM, BUT I DON’T LIKE THE TEXT THEY SENT ME. MOST OF THE TIME I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO REPLY….. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REPLY TO YOUR STUPID TEXT? 10) LOL                                                                            There is nothing to laugh about; it […]

You are poor, so be it…..

  Isn’t it funny how middle class citizen, non-VIP membership, no name people like us always spend a lot more money and never get anything for free when the rich always do?? Life is not fair. The rich holds a super platinum unlimited universal credit card which comes with 5 star hotel voucher and free […]