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Don’t judge people by what they did or who they were, past is past.  If you judge me base on my history surely you don’t deserve to be in my present. 

There are some situations in life that rules need to be broken. And I will judge you base on what you did to me before and how you treat me now.


BEFORE:  Good Morning Sunshine, hope you have a good day J

NOW:      I am so busy this morning. Talk later x

You weren’t very busy before when you kept annoying me every 5 minutes with stupid heart, smile, and kisses icons.

BEFORE:  Don’t forget to have lunch and thinking of me sometime. Kiss

NOW:     Yeah, I already had lunch. U?

Obviously one of us forgets to have lunch because she was waiting for you.

BEFORE: Just want to say I miss you J muahhhh

NOW:     What’s up? (After you text him first)

What’s up??? Am I your buddy now? Should we first pumps instead of kissing? Even better should we just stop SEEING EACH OTHER?

BEFORE: Sweet dreams, sexy. See you in my dream

NOW:     I’m out, Later

Where? With who? Why am I not invited? Fine, I am not sexy anymore? That hurts.

BEFORE: You’re so gorgeous.

NOW:     She’s hot, Man

Ok, got it. Why the hell are you here, Superstar?

BEFORE:  I cancel my appointment because I want to spend time with you.

NOW:      I have shit to do too, ok?

Me too, I had shit to do too. I still have some shit to do, but I’m always the first person who is with you when you need something. I guess my next shit to do on my list is; get rid of your shit.

BEFORE:  Tell me what do you need I will get it for you.

NOW:      Can you get that for me?

Yes, I can. Do I have other choice?

BEFORE:  I guess you’re busy or something, just want to say I miss you. Call me back when you have time beautiful.

NOW:      Who the hell are you talking to? 

You don’t assume anymore. You come to your own conclusion. Great

BEFORE:  You can call me anytime ok? Darling??

NOW:      Go see the doctor, do I look like I graduated from medical school?

I’m sorry I should have known better, dickhead.

BEFORE:  I want you to be here with me.

NOW:      Whatever.  Up to you.

As for me, I hate “up to you”.  Up to me, really? You don’t want it.

Well, later for now. Last night party was amazing helped me realized a lot of things

Love you



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