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Good Moaning Monday, July 04, 2011. Happy Independent Day. Welcome another fab house ” BKK IN DA HOUSE” party to the kok, And congratulations to our first Lady.


(My first time of 4th of July, without an American to spend the day with.. INDEPENDENT DAY, INDEED.)



New house party in the Kok, was held on Friday, got to say it was just amazing. Don’t compare it with party in the USA or elsewhere, this is Bangkok in July pouring rain, flood, traffic, but BKK IN DA HOUSE nailed it. Of course, we did it. It was a spirit of the Kokers to show up, dress up, and gets mess up just to party. Cheers Talent the kokers. We did it.



New house of Representatives, New faces (or not?), New ……. What?? Oh, New Prime Minister. Even better our new PM is a pretty lady. (That doesn’t matter, but I admire the beauty of women, just saying) I am will not involve my fun Monday with politics and all, so I think I will leave it from here. WITH A LITTLE BIT OF WHAT I THINK IT MIGHT WORK OUT….


Basically, the Kok has 2 new interesting houses at the moment; the house music, and house of Representative I combine that together using my political method ( output – input – outcome, synthesis – hypothesis , to be honest you don’t need to spend 4 years learning these) and come out with a new and practical policy.


“Bangkok city of Fashion” It was a nice try, but it didn’t work. I can easily lay down the list and tell you why, but it will be too long and boring. Let’s just say it’s too hot for me to wear Fur on winter. No matter how much I love Miu Miu boots I can’t never put them on without looking like a freak (Err hello, we lay on tropic of cancer) As much as I love hot pants with Missoni top, I don’t have that courage to walk on them when my house is 1 kilometer away from a main road. These are just my personal reasons.


One thing the Kokers have in common; we love to have fun. The fact that our city is cosmopolitan makes it even better. Party in the Kok is cheap and enjoyable. Let take BKK IN DA HOUSE V.I.P Party for example, how much would it cost if it was in Singapore or LA? And sure as hell there would be only CELEBS invited! We got invited even though we are no Super Star. I have to give all the credit to “Lorren G” for being such a great host to everyone. This is what most of the event organizers miss out. You want all those models and well-known which you have to pay for them and these people get everything for free, plus they don’t normally party. If they do, they get away with their reputation, so no money spent from their pockets.


They might love you personally, but they can’t help you promote anything because they have a sponsor. They are too busy making their own money to attend every single weekly party you throw. YOU GOT IT? It’s us, the kokers, normal people like us who party more than a rock star and nothing ever free for us. WE RUN THIS BUSINESS. WE ARE THE ONE WHO MADE YOU.


Now back to the domestic policy that would help economics a little bit. Forget trying to be Paris because we can’t be and we will not, after this party policy works out. Once people get out to party they want to be spotted, it’s only nature. How do you stand out if you are not super skinny, not a model, not blond? You put on some stunning cloth and make yourself SHINE? That’s how it will work. Party – Fashion – MONEY…..


There are numbers of tourist from our next door come to party in the Kok because it’s cheap, fun, not very strict, and friendly( attitude of our people) atmosphere.


For V.I.P red carpet event and house music I give the best to BKK IN DA HOUSE. You proved that your next party will be worth spending money and time on. The food was awesome, nothing fancy but it was enough for everyone. The drinks were variety and no complication getting one at all. All the Djs did an awesome job. I was never a fan of house music, but this is just a new page of my collection. Not going to say more before you think I get paid for this. I don’t. I am just one of those people who give it all when I like something and ditch it all when I like nothing.







Note to our government

: Do some research of how many people come here to party. The number of party animals, average age and career of these people who party on daily basis, expats included. What type or how do they like to party, what music? These require both qual and quan research studies. This is another way to push our party image into the next level.

Note to party organizers, Event organizers:

You know we love to have fun and we feel comfortable partying with the same group of people it keeps us coming to your events. There is some point when you need to do some observation and research as well, in order to lure us to spend more money. I have shit loads of ideas. I have been partying since I was 13 and I had worked with international brand, involved event and brand opening. I am the one with every political science’s party theme. Well, you may want to ask but then again I can be a real bitch if I don’t like you hahahaha.


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