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You are poor, so be it…..



Isn’t it funny how middle class citizen, non-VIP membership, no name people like us always spend a lot more money and never get anything for free when the rich always do?? Life is not fair.

The rich holds a super platinum unlimited universal credit card which comes with 5 star hotel voucher and free parking lot in a shopping mall. We, People like me, with a normal shitty credit card that barely covers anything, and the only way to expand the limit is to spend more and more. Forget about free parking lot, you are poor you have to pay 30 baht and hour for that. Oh, it makes sense I’m poor I’m not supposed to have a car. DUH!


What the business owners don’t get is; their business is still alive because of the middle class whose brain have been washed by globalization, capitalism, Californication, materialism… da da da.


Why on earth do you want to give away free new ipad2 to those rich? They can afford it.


I went to this no tax free shop annual sale. My ex holds a VIP card and that’s why we were a very first group of people who get to buy all those quality and cheap labels. Plus we got a very nice complimentary gift. Baskets full of spa products that I wouldn’t buy (with my money) free food, free drinks, free stuff, and Sale stuff.

 At this very same event, on the 2nd day when they opened for normal card holders, not many things left and most of them were way too expensive for someone like me or they were just way too stylist to be worn in Thailand. (Who needs Gucci coat in Thailand? And we are poor we don’t do holiday in Aspen

For being a VIP, we could eat with 20 percent discount and didn’t have to wait to get our seat in a normal restaurant. We just walked into a hotel’s restaurant and paid the same price as others did in that normal restaurant (and you had to stand in line for ages) we were served with better food and luxury hospitality. Oh, the money we spent turned into collected points that scored us a nice suite and a spa package.


For those with normal cards, apart from paying more and getting whatever service you also get a disease called ” I HATE THIS SHIT” as a bonus. I had that. I still do at times.


I am not a financial adviser and I can never become one. I am an example of a materialism victim. I knew I could afford a pair of shoes, and Morning – After Morning – Lunch – After Lunch coffee at Starbucks so I go ahead and pissed through it. That’s why I AM STILL BROKE LIKE A ….. (Serve me right)

Karl Marx


I don’t have a solution to this. I just feel sorry for those people who are underpaid and still have been punished by NOT HAVING MONEY. As for myself I think I deserve it. Oh well, I don’t need to eat a lot anyways I love to stay size ZERO you know that right?






One comment on “You are poor, so be it…..

  1. Hmm! you blog too. Funny. Decent stuff, cool you like to express yourself. And yeah, that is a weird irony in life, the whole free shit for rich people thing. retarded.

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