You’re so impotent to me.


You didn’t even notice it, did you? That’s a sign of being impotent. Ignorance!

What I’m doing now is more than just blogging; it’s a mission to save our human kind. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR MALE NOT TO BE IMPOTENT AS IT IS FOR FEMALE TOO.

Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, and get ran over by a truck can kill you, so does being impotent.  Being impotent is ALMOST A CRIME if you are impotent; unfortunately you’re a BED CRIMINAL. (If your name in a criminal record, you are not allowed to enter my bedroom)

Good news is; I love to help people, to help myself. Maybe it won’t matter now, but (hopefully) it will later. Gentlemen, here are some facts I’ve been reading and studying. I highly, strongly recommend, also beg you to follow my little advice. You’re welcome.

Smokers, think again!

–         Stop Smoking: 90 percent of heavy smokers will suffer damage to penile artery (You know that the blood must FLOW to the penis through penile artery to make your penis works, right? This explain erection and how it works)

being a drunk head isn't sexy

–         Tipsy is sexy. Alcohol can be sexy, a drink or two can stimulate your sex drive. On a research studied (Julian Whitaker, M.D. ,and Carol Colman) of Shed 10 years in 10 weeks said more than 2 drinks a day  can decease testosterone production which interfere your sex drive and ability to have an ERECTION.

–         Be a pills popper: A lack of zinc has its effect on male reproductive system (Lack of sperms if it’s easy to help you understand) Recommend you gentlemen to take 30 milligrams of zinc every day.  ( Oysters have a reputation on sexual and prostate health, also soy foods can prevent the spread of prostate cancer)                                                                                               L-Arginine helps with erections. Amino acid L-arginine increases blood flow to the penis. (Means harder erections with more staying power, and frequency of…… Good luck everyone) as for sexual aid, you take 3-6 grams of L-arginine 45 minutes before sex. NOTE: IT DOESN’T WORK FOR EVERYONE, BUT MANY MEN FROM THE STUDIED HAVE CONFIRMED THAT THEY HAVE SEEN A REAL DIFFERENCE)

–         Pump those muscles: People who exercise have more sex than people who don’t. I have no doubt on that. In a study of 160 master swimmers between the ages of 40 and 80, researchers found that those who exercised the most had sex lives that were typical of people twenty to forty years their junior. (It’s something about the cardio exercise and muscles against …. Hahaha)


–         Control your stress: Exercise is another way to release your stress and that’s why I love a hulk. (Not just good to look, but good in many other ways too) Listen to music you like, enjoy outdoor activities, get some sun : sunlight will stimulate your brain and give you a natural lift, plus hot tanned skin)

–         Connection: You need to have a sense of connection to a person you going to have sex with (That’s why it’s called MAKE LOVE, not F#@$) getting involved in same activities makes strength of connection between human. (Play bowling as a team, chance to chest pumps each other. Swim; is there anything sexier than swimming with your boyfriend? Cook; a mess in a kitchen always leads to a perfect mess in bed)


On my personal note; I think a good performance requires more than just physical. The mentally and emotionally involved that make it AMAZING. It’s like taking photos. You are not the only person having your photo taken, also perspective of a photographer. You need to work together with a camera and have an accurate communication with your photographer. It’s a team plays not riding solo.

Let me know if it works for you.



4 comments on “You’re so impotent to me.

  1. Coool article!! thanks

  2. Thank you, great article. I had studied these kind of article long time ago, that is why I don’t smoke, drink. And regularly exerciser. Perhaps you can cut down on drinking also.

  3. Cool Article! Get it easy and be healthy! :p

  4. this was cute :). concise and to the point.

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