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Be sexy, sassy, sweet, sour, slightly slutty, silly, and smart. So what? I’ll be everything I am fu#cking single ok?

Bye Bye Boys

I have a girlfriend who had been in a relationship her whole life. She is one of those girls who don’t ride solo. Now, she’s single and since she hasn’t been living a single life style before I think I will do her a favor as a professional single woman.

Aftermath can be hard. We all have been through that and I resist going through that AGAIN. The process is; Depress, Angry, Blame yourself, and then move on. Or whatever that works for you. Now, you are standing alone like a free man without chains and a guard telling you what to do, it is crucial to know your next moves and live by yourself, WITH YOURSELF

Get sexy, sassy, slightly slutty (flirty not sleeping around) and get smashed. 

Party it up, meet new people, and get out of your prison and shine. You are now able to wear those sexy dresses without a dumb comment based on some boy’s moral standard. (It’s ok for men to do something immoral, funny isn’t it?) Get smashed with your old best friend “Johnny Walker” , keep walking. It’s ok for you to be friendly with strangers and see what your rating is. Be a little of a teaser wouldn’t hurt. REMEMBER YOU JUST GOT OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP AND YOU DON’T NEED A REBOUND.  You do all these in order to live with yourself in a long term. DO NOT GO HOME WITH A STRANGER, OR EVEN KISS, OR GIVE SOMEONE YOUR NUMBER.

Settle your head

I am sure there is a point when we all have to stop. It might take years for some of us, and might take just a few weeks for some of us to get sick of all the parties, and dramas. When it comes you will be glad it’s over and find yourself calm, and enjoy simple things like watching Martha Steward’s show while drinking coffee. The settle part is very important, it means you can live with yourself, by yourself and you’re happy at your stage. Your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone!

Get smart

Don’t ever fall in love AGAIN. That is a very dumb advice. You know you will and eventually it will happen. I know how it feels, but it doesn’t mean it will end up the same every time. You just have to be smart and by that I mean, put yourself first. What is it do you want for life? What is your plan? What if plan A doesn’t work? Who can be bad influents on you? What type of people you should be surrounded by? Who is good for you and who is not? It is ok to prioritized your need, it’s your life you need to make the best out of it, ok? I believe when you make yourself right, there he is a right man for you. 

It might take a while until you get used to it and be able to ride solo with confidence. It’s a lot better than having someone who doesn’t respect you, betray you, and make you feel worthless walking side by side with you. In this single path, you can go as slow as you want, or you can pick up the pace whenever you feel like without feeling like you’re being dragged.

There are a lot of singles in this city and we have all kind of fun, just keep it in your head that you’re single doesn’t mean its ok to F@#k around with every damn human. Enjoy your moments, being wanted, needed, doesn’t need to give it away. Go ahead have as many male friends as you want, they can turn up to be something else.

Your life, your happiness based on you and you alone, Make the best of it.




  1. you’re awesome! It cracks me up 🙂

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