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Dear Idiots, you pissed me off.

Lack of common sense

I need to write these letters to some ignorant retarded out there who constantly piss me off. (Unfortunately, I don’t know their addresses)

Dear Idiots on a train,

Don’t you know that you should move the hell inside the train so that other people can squeeze their butt to work too? What is your problem with standing in the middle of the train? Is it going to save you an hour or something? We all know subway at a rush hour is a nightmare so why don’t you be little nicer by sharing this nightmare with others?

Best Wishes (on having the door closed just right when your head in between)


Dear Idiots at an ATM,

There are only few thousand people waiting in line, take your time. I can wait. We all need money, but we have no other choices, so just go through every account you have, check your balance, wire money, withdraw some more, pay bills, and at the same time talking on the phone. I understand you got to do what you got to do, but if you see a great number of people waiting and it doesn’t bother you, something isn’t right about you. 

Sincerely (hope the ATM exploded a second you have done your shit) yours


Dear Idiots that walk right up my ass,

I am a fast walker by nature. I have no problem running on high heels. There is a moment when I’m wrecked and restless which slow me down( Even when I am slow my speed is still higher than others) I don’t see the point why are you people have to be on my ass? If I am that slow, then you’re more than welcome to walk ahead. You can’t pass me because there’re people in front of me? HELLO!!! That is a reason why we all are in a slow motion, dumbass!

Good Luck (running into a train or something)


Dear Idiots next table at the club,

It’s Friday and we all out, kicking in a back seat, front seat, or whatever seat Rebecca Black’s song goes. From this pole to the next one, this whole block is my zone. I don’t care how hot you think you are, I don’t know who your girlfriend is, and what size of bra she wears on the advertisement. This is my block; don’t try to push your body against mine. You can do the pushing all you want, but this is not going to be yours. How about call and reserve your tables early? Or maybe try being nice to me and we sure as hell will let you share the zone. One of my girlfriend got into a fight because the girl next table tried to push her out of her area, she ran out of patience and automatically grabbed a bottle and accidentally the bottle slip out of her hand landed onto that woman’s head.  Oh well!

Looking forward to seeing you pushing me more soon


Dear Idiots who want to have it all,

You are trying to play “All or Nothing”? It might work on some topics, but when it comes to having it all without wanting anything it all, IT DOESN’T FREAKING WORK!  You can’t have every woman in town. Do you have any ideas how STD spread? What are consequences of STD? What damage would you cause on each girl’s heart? How can you live with yourself like that? Doesn’t it bother you when you go to sleep at night? Or have you lost all your senses? It will come back and bite your ass big time. When you want to be such an idiots all you’ll get is just a plain simple stupid babe, and you lose those who might actually like you. Whatever.

All the best for you (and your herpes)

On behalf of some women



One comment on “Dear Idiots, you pissed me off.

  1. I enjoyed every word and the pix were so cachet…well done.

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