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So you think you can lie?

Men claim to (themselves) as a good liar and they are so proud of their work. I have seen a lot of tricks and how smooth they work to get away with their bull crap.

Sorry Gents, Hurting your ego is my hobby. You are nowhere near women when it comes to DRAMA.

Don't smile. I lied .....

We are talking about people who can fake orgasm, people who smile to their enemies and slap each other somewhere in a dark corner.  Welcome to world of DRAMA AND ALL THE QUEENS AND PRINCESSES.

Men seem to lie a lot and often while women appear to be a better liar. It’s not a mission impossible to catch when your boy lies to you. First thing that will tell you; your woman’s instinct. Believe it or not? 99.9 percent ACCURATE AND MONEY GUARANTEED.

Once men get caught in actions, first thing they would do is “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you” Ok, whatever that’s not the point. You hurt me and you hurt me. It hurts. Then, second thing would be playing “Throwing blame” game.


Mister boyfriend: I’m sorry ………………………………… , but I did it because you never had time for me/ you never care/ you ../ you …/ you …….

You: I am sorry baby.

What the hell happened? He cheated on you and you said ‘Sorry’)

This is all you boys have got? Passing shit? I am sorry. I have been around you people long enough to know all these kiddo games. You lie we catch you, you say sorry, and you blame it on something or someone (us) It’s all good, some of us deserve it because some of us don’t learn.

For women, we lie and it takes a while for you dumb Martian with huge ego to even notice. We get caught and we don’t admit it. DUH!!! We make more lies. We don’t do the blame game. We confuse you more, and more. Unfortunately, I am not going to tell you how we do it because I’ll be called a betrayer. Let me give you some hint.

A boyfriend (wannabe): Your phone was off, why?

A Lady: My battery flat. (Duh, my phone is off because I turn it off)

A boyfriend (wannabe):It’s not flat now? How come?

A Lady:I just turn it on now, in case you call. I don’t know why it’s full of charge now. I am not a technology geek ok? I don’t know what happens? Why is it my fault every time shit happens? You know what, if you’re not happy with my phone then buy me a new one, how about make it a direct call only for you (Good, so that we have 2 numbers) too? You’re gonna break up with me because my blackberry is shit, really? ….. Start being a queen…

I don't know, It wasn't me, It didn't work, I lied

Men hate crying and crime scene and long stories bore them, that’s it. Make up sex and you get away with it.

I don’t promote lies and unfaithful relationships. I just want the boys to know that we know how bad you can be, and we believe your shit because we love you, or we want to. It doesn’t mean we don’t know. And when it comes to story making skill, we are way better than James Cameron. We can make Titanic looks like High school musical.

You think you’re all that? You think you can fool us with “My phone dead”. You think we buy your” She is just some friend”? No chant’  

Bitch slap them

So you think you can lie? So you think you are a better liar? So you think you got me and I won’t go anywhere? So you think I even believe you? Hey, I know you block me from your wall; other can’t see what I write on yours. I know other girls can’t see you write on mine. I know my name was Steve when it shows on your phone. I know why the first sentence when you answer my call is” what’s up DUDEEEEEEE?” 

It is by our nature to put up and get weak in the knees when it comes to the matter of heart, but once we run out of giving a f*$K , you have no chance of coming back.

Nobody gets away with lies. We might be better liars, but eventually truth will come out. You will get caught, I will catch you or one of the two will happen to either one of us. How about just be honest and let me make my choice? You are no genius so don’t bother bull shitting me.

That can be a lie too

Reduce your ego and make more room for honesty and love, Shall we?

I am single. I am so freaking scared of being lied to or have to get into a situation when I have to lie to a man I love. As a single person I don’t lie as well. I don’t need to make myself looks like an angle and wait for a man to ask me out. You want to dinner with me, just give me a damn call! No hide No lies and I will never get caught.

Did your women know you go out with me??? Did they know you call me 27 times a day? If not you better quite this shit because they will find out!

I don’t care because I am not the one who is lied to…



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