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Financially Broke is better than emotionally one.

When you shop you get something back. Maybe your size 0 mini skirt won’t fit your size 6 butt today, but it will eventually. You can sell them to your friend or you can take them as inspiration and motivation, get your fat ass to gym. Whatever the credit card bill looks like, you got something out of it.

Buy my heart, get ,my body




(Shopping requires common sense, passion, and a little bit of sense of humor. (Why do I need a handcuff? Oh I might want to apply for a job at the police station) HA. It’s almost as necessary as food, shelter, clothes, and meds. I call it’s a “THERAPY”)

What do you get when you are in a wrong relationship?

No money refund, that’s one thing. Your feelings and heart worth more than anything and they can’t be replaced, exchanged or refunded.

1 year warrantee, that’s impossible. My snake skinned bag’s warrantee lasts until the tag is lost and I still have that tag, been 4 years with this bag and I can still fix it for free, repair some parts and talk shit at the customer service now and then.  Do you think it work the same with man? I give you 2 weeks. Two week notices and he will totally change. If you’re lucky find yourself a decent man 6 months POSSIBLE, but no money guaranteed. Heart at risk….

It is a gamble. Invest all your time and feelings on a man is like buying shares. It goes up, goes down, unpredictable, you win today, but you might lose all tomorrow. Whiles’ shopping is an investment with no risk at all. It is very safe because you get what you spend. Your 1ooo bucks worth of shoes, stay pretty on your feet always. Your cheese ball, who doesn’t even hot never there, when you need him. Now, tell yourself if your heart and tears worth more than 1000 USD or more? More, so ditch the idiot and move on.

Forget about customer service.  Once he’s yours all the responsibility is on you and you alone. You can’t claim for tax refund. You can’t fix it when his brain suddenly dysfunctions, or penis control errors. You need to be strong enough to dump him in a trash can. Don’t even bother try to pick up pieces or try to save the planet. Recycle won’t work either. At least, if your iPhone being silly, Apple would give you a spare one while they are fixing yours.

Quick conclusion: I’d rather be crying in Jimmy Choo on my feet than shedding tears and fattening myself with cookies and coke for a man who doesn’t even like me.

Love worth a risk. Love might be so precious and eternal or whatever. But I believe in love. Don’t get me wrong I will go as far as I can to love someone, but I’m done risking my heart on a temp relationship or a part-time date. If I have to cry for anything nonsense in the universe (1ooo bucks isn’t nonsense, Jimmy Choo must be taken serious) I will be crying for Justine Bieble and Serena Gomez.



Don’t take me for granted because I am a professional shopper I know where the best items are and I know when is the best time to buy. I can easily walk through the whole mall and not buy anything and then come back 2o minutes later just to grab something I don’t even need to buy.




Just because you’re a label doesn’t make you any better than no name stuff. I see your type in a garage sale, so don’t be proud. I am quite a smart shopper.





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