Sex and Independence… Why am I being punished??

In the names of LOVE, SEX AND WOMEN.(Like me and Sammi Joe another big ass mouth god mother of mine) 

I wish I wish I wish

Doesn’t it sound amazing and fair and all that shit?

Of course it sounds awesome! I am a dream girlfriend, ideal wife, understanding friend, bed slave, what else? You name it?? I am everything a man can dream of…… No shit. I I pay for myself. I buy myself a ticket to go on our honeymoon. We share our expense along the trip. I don’t call 500 times a day and check your phone. We have our moments whenever we both want. did some research and people agreed with me… then again nobody takes me seriously!

Men love to hunt; it’s only in their nature. Chasing is in men’s blood I have to admit that I love a chase too. I love to chase after people and I like being chased. If you think about it, back in our prehistoric days we literally would be chased! Mmmmm Hairy and Hot!


I have been through this topic with a lot of women; single women who are financially, emotionally and occasionally physical independent. (Some of our phones don’t have high power of the vibration) women who are in a healthy relationship, and we go on and on about it.

My rough yet confident conclusion is; men love to have casual relationships with independent women because we make it too easy for them.

You want me on top? You got it baby!

We can take care of ourselves in almost every single way, were challenging, strong minded, brave enough to tell you boys off, we have high self-esteem, are fun and most of us are just plain hot (Hello!) Conceited much? Well yes, why fucking not, when it’s well deserved.

Though the problems lye when we don’t need men’s protection, don’t need their permission and don’t allow any unnecessary girly distractions in our lives. Men feel as though they are useless to us in some ways, if we don’t dote or cry or stalk or crawl we are not worth it, yet if we do that, men will dump us eventually anyway cos it’s were begin so fucking annoying. However, we still want the exact same thing men want: Passion, Affection, Attention, and satisfaction.  But in the wise worse of Jagger, “I can get NO! “

Except for some strange reason the male translation for this is: Let’s just have some sex …..

You may now find some cheap P***Y to douche ish to ...

I am not an anti-FB (Fuck Buddy)relationship type either. (Duh!) If you think about it, it’s a win – win situation. I fuck you… you fuck me…were having sex..fun, fine..ok! Though, ultimately women seem to become attached in this kinda relationship . Me? I use to have that for 1 year and finally i fell in love with him and he left, ha, serves me right for being in a situation where there were never any string attached.

Ok, whatever.  This type of relationship is very convenient, doesn’t require a lot to maintain a status quo.

But, it’s not fair when you people go ahead and shout it out! “She is just my fb”!, “She is not with me”!, “I will never take her seriously”! … to those sweetheart, doe eyed,  wannabes perfect girly girl types, shall I say ‘baby making, marriage material’. You will take on those crippling dependant women seriously. You pay for her, take great care to pay the greatest attention to her, protect her, adore her and treat her like a queen. WHY? Just because she makes you more like a man? Or in other words increases the size of your cock?



I am not throwing bombs on men and friends with friends with benefits relationships. We are old enough to make our decisions, make that silent agreement and sign our own contract, but it’s fairly irritating when I see or hear these men following their soul-less, emotionally handicapped manicured babes everywhere and yet still have affairs with other women and on top of that complain about their girlfriends!!

When I express my opinion, raise my voice, disagree with your shit, stand my ground I am called a BITCH.

Don't even TRY

When she cries over one missed call, goes through your wallet, hacks your laptop, being a complete retard she is called a BABY???

Why am I being punished for being me?

I know that there are some real men out there who are different and strong enough to take our awesomeness.  Men who know that, it is pretty damn stupid to be with a dumb ass girlfriend and realize how blessed and lucky they are to have us.  Even though we break their balls sometimes at least we do it with finesse and intelligence (if that’s even possible)

One day my bitch will come.... The prince charming said to himself

I am not a hater. I love man, I mean men. I love you people. But your stupidity and immature are just ridiculous but with love in my heart I would like you to be a bit smarter so that we will find each other, somewhere in the mist of insecurities, egos and too much independence. And hopefully you won’t end up with some dumb bitch, you will have a smooth (sometimes turbulent but hot) relationship with a grown woman, and we will have a happy ever after, and forever after after, over and over again…. together. Am I scaring you right now?

But seriously, why can’t I just give myself away when I find someone I truly like and not have to worry that people will give me an EASY A grade?

Why is it my fault that I don’t need you 24 hours a day?  Why do I have to be called a “butterfly” when smart men love hanging out with me and exchange some wisdom? Am I allowed to be a bit awesome without being put in the “bragging whore” category?


WIM + SAMMI JOE (A woman with bigger mouth than your Martian’s Egos and penises…)



3 comments on “Sex and Independence… Why am I being punished??

  1. Thanks KJ for being so supportive 🙂

  2. Simply and utterly AMAZING, STUPENDOUS and entertainingly SPOT ON !!! Dymn, love being lusciously and proudly independent….! Then again, I really don’t give a FUK how men or people in general for that matter react to it, nor should you, my darling!!! Proud of you! *;~ ox

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