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FISH: And the 3 dudes.


Once upon a time in The Kok (Location can’t be found by Google map, due to its technology and corruption) there are 2 doable looking men fighting over a fish at the biggest party, which held in the best club of the region.

 The first dude wants to have the head, we don’t know exactly why? The second dude obviously dying for the tail, again he doesn’t want to explain why.

Fight For Fish : Fight till you drop .....

Typical Saturday party in the Kok: Crowded, uncountable cameras, flashlights, drinkers, party crashers, wannabes, junkies, illegal aliens, models to be, kids, oversized blondies, bitches, gold diggers, back stabbers, spy, former successful businessmen, old fart, Oh god!! You name it!! We have them all (I fit in at least 2 !!!!!)

The kokers are very keen on searching for new wisdom (another word; nosey as fuck) we start to form up our little circles and stop talking to each other so that we can concentrate on the fight. Some of us start taking photo of these 2 dudes with their Iphone. Many of us plays CNN reporter, tweet every damn word to twitter and share to Facebook. How important to stay CONNECTED!!!!!

Plenty of fish in the sea. I just don't date fish

While we are busy with the conflict over this fish, there is a man who sits back, enjoys his icy cold Mojito and observes the chaos.

The story doesn’t seem to have a happy ending; this third party walks up after hoovers his drink .He emerges in the scene and gets the body, gives those two what they want.

That's why we go fishing, we're after the fucking fish


(Yeah, just like that… I am sort of lazy to create more characters and earn myself more hatred)


–          Two idiots fighting over 2 different things. Want the head? Get it!! Give the tail to another dude. Fighting for what, sorry?

–          Men are barbaric and violent.

–          Human need a third party when it comes to dispute, conflict, negotiation.  (Hello, that’s why I spend 4 years in University for)

–          Men love competition.

These are some answers I have got after I asked this question to my friends on my Facebook page.

None of the people who were a part of this post were women. (Another proved that women don’t like to be involved in any kind of research or academic studies. I don’t know what to tell you)

My gentlemen gave all the answer they could possibly think at that very moment, and I am not saying if the answer were right or wrong. I CAN’T TELL YOU WHAT’S RIGHT WHAT’S WRONG?


My boy put the fish in the freezer ... Oh well, he said it's the best way to go


–          Don’t be so quick to judge the situation and jump into conclusion.

Basically, you don’t know what is the real reason why the first guy wants the head? Why doesn’t the second dude want the body of the fish where the most meat is?  …. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW RIGHT? SO DON’T JUST THINK THAT THEY’RE STUPID TO WANT SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Who knows maybe the head has some sort of super vitamin or the tail can transform into alternative energy power??? It might mean the word for them. YOU DON’T KNOW.

I want that one fishy fish!! The one and only


–          Observe, take your time, and take advantage of the situation.

Who the hell is the guy that gets the best part of the fish? He is just a man who sits back and turns the crisis into the opportunity. He stays focus enough to know that this situation is so damn lame!!!! We all know it is, but we are just nosey moth#rF*ck#@s. We DON’T HAVE SELE-AWARNESS. The only awareness we have is “OTHERS’ BUSINESS” 

Or, some of us might be aware of that, but he or she is just one of those who waits and sees if shit will happen to him/her without trying, looking, wanting. OH WELL…. (You give up that easy means you don’t want it enough to fight)


Looking for a roomie to share the ball, i mean bowl.

–          Conflict Industry.

International Relations course is the degree title of my BA; Political Science. If you want me to or if we take this into international conflict and academic I can easily explain to you base on my research studied. IT WILL BE SO BORING THOUGH. Let’s just skip that details and put it this way. At times when you want something you just have to create a SITUATION. I am pretty sure my ladies know the trick well. Have you ever tried to make your man jealous by mention some random boy’s names?  The result proves a lot for women. It works the same way in business, politics and relationship. IT IS THE ART OF HUMAN LIVING.


Realism : The strong do what they can, the weak accept what they have to

–          Men are just men.


Their ego seems to block their mind and how they see thing from others’ point of view. They see things the way they are, not the way it is.


Oh yeah, it will baby ....

Alright, I am not judging you and I actually have to say “Thank You so much for being a part of my bitching adventure. You guys are my big supports, inspiration, and you guys make me laugh so much”


I don’t claim myself as a one-man army. I do have a number of dickheads who I love and love me, not what I can offer in my pants. You annoy me sometimes, but I can never imagine living without you and your stupidity and THAT’S WHAY I LOVE YOU



You need me because you can’t make it without me


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