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Do you give your secretary authority to ruin your business?


She might actually ruin your personal life too.


You are in a position of making a big call. Buying newspapers, brief the new staffs,  pick the color of a tie before a meeting, get Americano with ¼ of a cup of brown sugar, and write a valentine’s card to your wife shouldn’t be an issue or distract you at all.


You have a person in charge; A secretary / an assistant


Apart from schedule the boss, and personal errands what else secretaries do?


being a business cock blocked.


It is not easy to get to the CEO without pleasing the front door (a secretary, not that kinda door) No matter what business it is, doesn’t matter how important, doesn’t care why is it different? LEAVE YOUR MASSAGE ……


Put your boobs on the phone bitch! ... I mean Boss!


Do you realize what sort of opportunity you would have had if you didn’t miss that one phone call?


I understand you trust your secretary and their job is to listen to you. Whatever you say need to be followed. That’s their job.


Your job is to make some profit and hit the target. Would you do whatever it takes to get there? I am pretty sure you would say YES.

Even 1 % counts, and that would be from those declined offers your secretary made.


Better to hire a secretary to run the company if you don't do your work!

Since, when you give a total power of your company to a hand of your secretary?   It is impossible to pick up every phone call by yourself and answer some idiotic questions every now and then when you have better shit to do.


Your secretary can be a business genius (I doubt that if he/she was you wouldn’t be the boss, would you?) but people do have bad days, personal anger and dislike. Small factors like these are INCLUSIVE.



One of these days I might call you just because I have an extraordinary technology and a bad ass marketing strategy which would save your business and another 100 employees from economic crisis, but if unfortunately your secretary is on her period and had a fight with her boyfriend, decided to put me on hold and since I am the kind of person who hates waiting because I know there will be plenty of companies out there waiting for me. I didn’t get a chance to show you how my system works and I couldn’t explain because my explanation to a moody bitch was ignored by someone who is unable to comprehend it and incapable of making such a decision anyway. So I wouldn’t waste my time there. (She actually has a power more than you think she does)


Don’t forget your role. Does your business card still have a title of CEO/Founder/Director? If so why don’t you keep it that way?

Maybe it is just me. I don’t really trust people when it comes to my work. I do believe that nobody cares about your interest more than you.

You have your interest to protect and you do have some benefit to gain. I would rather be the one who makes a wrong call than not knowing there are calls out there and then miss many opportunities.

Play your part well, ladies

I hope you are smarter than your secretary



Business Frustrating at this point.



  1. Nicely done hun. As always!

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