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Apart from wikipedia definition of sex which is : the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman … (or else if you prefer)

Sex isn’t all about physical satisfaction, it’s involved emotions as well.


Love is … hmm  … I will just use whatever wikipedia said. OK, start again..



“ an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment” or

“ actions towards others (or oneself) based on compassion, or as actions towards others based on affection”

Whatever it is!!  Love is good. To love, to be loved, to fall in and out of love, LOVE IS GOOD, you just have to be wise and use your head along with your heart.

Ok, this shit happens... seriously!!

When two people attract to each other physically, they fall in love , and blah blah blah they have sex!!!

Sex causes strong emotions. Having sex is the most intimate activity a couple could do together.( REPEAT TOGETHER : TWO – GET – THER)

It is not all about physical fulfillment. Well, it is…. but not all !!!

Having sex with the one you love is a MAGIC. It is a magic for two. You can’t be the one who work the wand(I specifically used this term) you need a good wand that is suitable for you. (Just like Harry Potter and his wand) THE WAND THAT WORKS!!!

 Do we need to fall in love to have sex?

Personally, I don’t think you NEED. It is not A MUST. But to have a magic and feel a real connection between the body and soul then yes.It is a zillion time better to have sex with the person you deeply falling in love with.

A lot of people out there use the word “ LOVE”  to justify the action (sex) to make it rational and to convince themselves.  That’s why some people are lured into the whole DRAG ME TO BED game so easily!!

I hate your face, let me shoot you?!?!?

Just because someone tell you they love you doesn’t mean they have an approval visa to enter your territory!!!

You can love me all you want, but you aren’t gonna get any!

As long as you don't try to get into my ASS

I just don’t see the point of “ I have sex with him because he said he loves me ( and a few others) Why do girls need to be fooled by such beautiful word in order to relieve some dick head sexual tension?

Am I promoting  SEX without LOVE? NO, AND NO NO NO!

I promote sex with responsibility. Sex with some serious accountability, and safe sex. I don’t know for sure if the person you having sex with, is the one you truly, deeply, madly love?? You just need to be sure you do all that with 100% responsibility of your own. At your own risk!

What the fark is that?????

We are not some high school girls. Nobody can tell you when is the right time to have sex (or right place even)  You know if you do it( you can clap your hands lol)  If you do it, you are in charge of consequences , whatever they are.

It is a lot wiser to have sex when you are physically, emotionally, and financially READY!

(I don’t know how much durex cost , but you need some dough for that shit, don’t you? you can’t count on men)

Sex isn’t an action alone. Sex is sharing, caring and working together. It requires both physical and mental healthiness. If you think of sex as a self pleasure, you miss out BIG TIME. The joy of pleasing each other, giving and taking are one most wonderful experience you can have. The two bodies sharing, gaining,giving to one another… How can sex be nasty? It is beautiful. You just use it in a wrong way!!!

SEX, just do it if you are ready and you want it. Just do it if you can handle the result. Just do it with the one you are happy doing it with. Just do it if it gives you pleasure more than pain.

That's what I am talking about

Don’t do it if you just want to do it,without knowing any of its process.

And yes, you can do it alone!!!


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