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A traveling ho* : Hello Jakarta … Tri Ma Gracie

Jakarta, Indonesia … Gran Melia, 11/3/11

That looks exactly like my room.. before I checked in lol

Hello World,

I have been staying here for 3 days already since I left Singapore (which I had already settled and called it “HOME”)

Now, this is my HOME.

“Home away from home” is the best definition and best described my feelings.

Before I make a mess .. The room looks hot..LOOKED

I have made every place “HOME”. There is no real “HOME” for me as you can imagine. I have been hopping on and off here and there a lot and I called every where I go “Home” I don’t feel the need of the feelings of “ HOME”

I make my staying and living in foreign countries “ HOME” isn’t it easier this way? I think it is a lot easier to feel like “home” wherever you go than travelling with homesick. For me, I pack my own HOME with me, Baby!!!

Part of ' Feeling like HOME"

My new family here is called “Gran Melia” and all the staff here is my friends and cousins, and siblings from other misters. They have become a part of my daily life while staying here in Jakarta.  Being said, the hotel has done a very good job to make a guest feels like she is living at home and every single person is her friends. All the credits go to the Hotel Manager….. Good job, you…Mr. Jaime Martinez…..

Jakarta hasn’t scored a place in my heart just yet…. I mean I just left Singapore!! Singaparu where everything is so convenient and getting to shopping mall is easier than finding my clean undies!!! (well, that’s not true lol)


Singapore has its charm for being “NOTHING”. For me, I like that “NOTHING” of Singapore … The combination of everything makes fine NOTHING, nowhere can kill it. Such a unique NOTHING …. And I find that very sexy!!!

Back to Indonesia, The world most crowded city lies on tropic of Cancer line, plus a murderous traffic. Not easy to get around here. You can get on a cab easily, but I don’t find that every charming during rush hours. So, my daily life has been set in the hotel.

Breakfast – Working (facebooking) – Gym – Watch some American shows –Nap –Dinner –Sleep …….. What a tough life?

Nothing to complain about life.. Really!

To make my daily routine a bit more interesting, I have set a goal. My goal is “Make one of my new family laugh and remember me” everyday during my stays. It works, and it is fun. All I have got to do is saying “ Tri Ma Gracie” and smile … SMILE like a blondie .. They love it!! I haven’t found anyone who wouldn’t smile or laugh at my dumb accent!! THEY LOVE IT.

MORE IMPORTANTLY “ I LOVE IT”  ….  I can’t just waste my holidays playing a tourist and not making anyone happy, but myself! I want to make my visit memorable.

I was there for Gucci handbag and Fendi Shades....No shit!! I mean NO!! SHIT! I WISH

Before I get going and get my butt to work for real next week, I hope I will be able to see more of Jakarta and give it a chance. I know every city, every people, every one, and every thing has its charm. I just need to have my eye wide opened!!!

Just a thought

NOTE: Haven’t got a chance to put on my high heels yet. If tonight passes then I won’t be able to wear them till I get back to Thailand or I could wear them while climbing the mountain …. Why the hell not? Right?

Havies, make life easier .. Flip Flops would do for now

Wim rock n roll in Jakarta


One comment on “A traveling ho* : Hello Jakarta … Tri Ma Gracie

  1. Rock on hun. Keep smilin. 🙂

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