A traveling *hore : Living Similarity

I am back to Bangkok, my city , my people, my comfort zone, my normal life. 10 days ago, I was in Indonesia traveling, tagging along with these 2 amazing men from place to place, interviewing families of a victim of people smuggling, visiting villages after villages, and walking miles after miles. I am now sitting in my hotel room after my brunch trying  to write my blog while being sick from some virus I have picked up during my journey.

The look of Mister " WTF is this crazy biatch doing in my village"

What did I do with the people smuggling? How did I get involved? What am I doing or going to do after this? STAY OUT OF IT – HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME…

At this very moment, just let me entertain you.

I have visited 3 families in 3 different cities and it’s blown me…

They are very nice people

These 3 families have one thing in common: They are dirt poor. I am talking about earning 1 buck a day for 5 people !!! YES, 5 PEOPLE in a family !!!

There is no security when it comes to their career or how much they will get. One of the women we talked to said she’d get up at 12 (at night) and go to work. What she meant was she had to hit the road by 12 and be at her office( a farm) and hope that there’d be a job waiting for her !!!!

Forget about facilities, or even basic 5s – THERE IS NOTHING.


They sleep on the ground without a mattress. A mat with a super old pillow and a vintage blanket, these are what kept them warm at night. ( I need to put my socks on when I sleep. Some of people I know have to lay their head on 500 bucks goose feather pillows with a zillion thread count Egyptian pillow case)

You can’t feel it till you live it. I am not saying that we should try living their lives. What we’ve got now is a blessing. LIVE IT, LOVE IT, LOOSEN IT UP some.. Some times.

I am now, going to show something we call “ SAME SAME, BUT DIFFERENT”

12.00 On the way to find work On the way to a bar ( to get more drink)
4 am Preparing food for family Deciding where to eat, and what to eat ( Hard decision)
6 am Going back to work Crash naked in bed
1 pm Lunch  Break ( with/without food) Brunch at Starbucks or still in bed (god knows)
3 pm Working under the sun( if they are lucky) Talking shit on Facebook
6 pm Working !!! Starting to work ( Start to turn off a computer)
7 pm Cooking for family Tired from work and spend 40 mins talking about how tired it was …. ???
Household work Gym, Getting ready to go out = Dressing up, Talking on the phone, Pre-Gaming
Rest for an hour or so Rest for a bit after a long day ( Rest = Texting people and see who’s out tonight)
Get ready to go to work Get ready = Double Check my stuff : Keys, Phone,Lipstick,Cash = CHECKED!
TOTAL EARNING 1 BUCK TOTAL SPENDING ??????? Let’s not go there.

Shoes comparison

ABSURD? YEAH! It is sick, isn’t it? This is just an example of my life. Think about how it would look if you compare their lives to P. Diddy’s? Or even compare yours life with Diddy?

The perspective changed though, right? You live an amazing life if you compare to how these people live. Your life is miserable consider working 8 hours day, drinking Starbucks coffee and travelling Economy Class, instead of drinking Champaign and sitting on your own private jet. Life suck, doesn’t it?

Sorry, this bed isn't good enough for me!!!! give me a mat

One thing I see though, these people have always been able to smile. THEY DO SMILE! They threw an amazing smile at me. They laughed (at me, I guess so since I don’t understand a language) They seem to be more happy and friendly than we are……

Would you trade everything you have got that causes you stress just to be able to smile from a heart?        Would you rather be happy without these material things and have your whole family sitting at a dining table with you or having every labels and eating alone in a 5 star hotel at night?

I consider myself a lucky one. It is not because I have things I need. It is because I do have choices to live my life. I can choose to be happy with average of wage, working like other Thais with secured job opportunity. Or I can choose to be happy staying in a hotel, drinking whatever coffee I can afford at the moment and refuse to be depressed, and do MY THING(S).

forget about VOSS!! Or even normal water

The similarity we all have in common is “HAPPINESS WITHIN”

You can have shit load of money and be happy. You can be a broke ass woman and still the happiest person on earth. You can be poor and stressed and keep being poor. You can be a billionaire ,living a living hell.

It is all up to you, REALLY!

fuck yeah


NOTE : Under this project I was on, I might not have helped saving a humanity. I do have a strong belief that my presence has effected to those women in the villages and it has inspirited them to get themselves out of a “SITUATION”


For more and useful info http://stujay.com/2011/11/21/the-language-of-people-smuggling-ii/


5 comments on “A traveling *hore : Living Similarity

  1. Lol…Enjoyed reading this…Cussing and all….:)

  2. Well done, good insight and yet another realization that materialism is only the upward slope of a downward spiral!

  3. i am pleasantly surprised and how nice and non crazy this is 😉

  4. love this story

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