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WOMAN: I am what I am (2)

What I am need no excuses. Here are more of my girls from the 9 photo exhibition. Let just enjoy the beauty of women and how unique of each of us…


A single English lecturer of an international university in Thailand who come across as a straight forward, funny, and very trendy young woman “Vicky V” is one of my favorite lady.  At a very first moment  I thought she was a ballet teacher. I don’t know why, but she appears to be one of those dance teachers!!!! Vicky got me at hello!! She isn’t a dancer. I love Vicky for how honest she is. She would say things she means or how she feels without making listeners feel like they got hit on the face by a bottle of vodka! I am telling you what the phrase “truth hurts lie worse” isn’t always true. Some people don’t know how to hold their tongues and they would go ahead telling you the truth and also stab you at your throat with their sharp words. That’s not a case of “ Vicky”

She did take a bullet class when she was 2 or something though

Living life between one airport to the next “ Tan” is a butterfly ( beautiful and flies more than a cabin crew) Funny, loving and smart woman who lives life independently, doesn’t count on a man. Tan hits parties just like every one of us and also can manage to get herself home (driving) safely.  What I love about Tan is that, she appears to have a western character but after spending some time with her Tan happens to be a good mixed of Thai – Western miss character. She has got her own things, does whatever she’s got to do, be true to herself, listen to her heart and uses her head well. This is a perfect creature!

Fly like a fight attendant

This woman stole my eyes on the night. Swanti showed up on the night with one of those “CAN’T TAKE EYES OFF OF THE EYE” eyes!!  I have always wanted to have big eyes and yes!! She did it! I mean .She’s got them good!  Swanti is a young passionate makeup artist with a personality that brightens the room. Apart from owning of those (pretty) eyes, she’s got a sexy voice too. GOD DAMN YOU, SWAN! What is so charming about Swan is she can make fun of herself. I think that’s a skill. Those people who can’t laugh at themselves or take their life in a funny way, die faster than people like Swan. This girl is living up her life. The night before our shooting, she was out till 4 am and she made it on time by 6am. You want to live your life? Live it fun, Live it like Swanti…

We all love Swan's secret photo

A woman, this is best defining K-Kay character. An elegant, ladylike woman with a memorable laughter “ K – Kay” is one of us. She would talk and walk and behave the way a perfect lady would do, but she never forget how to laugh and laugh out loud. You can be all ladylike all you want, but you are not supposed to hold a loud laugh. It is so unhealthy. Who cares what people think about how you laugh if you’re happy and you need to crack it up then go ahead and laugh your ass off. K-Kay is a very good entertainer. She might not be as loud as I can be, not obnoxious as I am (which is not a good thing anyway) but she knows how to socialize. I am talking about sophisticated socialization, not yelling and swearing like I do. If I ever have time, I would send myself to learn how to be sophisticated yet fun with her.

She looks so serious for the first time!!


How can I not love my women? How can you not love women? The problem is you can love all of us at the same, but you can only HAVE ONE AT A TIME.

with one of our"men" a photographer.

Woman is a special creature we can put up with shit years after years but when the time comes we can easily take off without 2 week notice.

This is not a threat, nor promise. This is the truth of the universe.

If you have that special woman and you know it, clap your hands!


Check out the rest of our photos from my girl :



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