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Happy Birthday : One step closer to death

Congratulations, you are now approaching the death station. Please mind the gap between good and bad, happy and sad.


As I am turning 24 this week, I would like to take this opportunity to write down my thoughts and talk shit about my birthday ideas in the past 10 years.

My duo birthday with my girlfriend , 2010

When I was 10 a birthday party was a big deal. I would buy a new dress, my parents hired magician and invited every kids to our house. My dad would get wasted and started to be all sensitive and shit about how much I mean to him.

My Dad's bd this year and that's what I got him

Thing changed when I turned 15, my first drinking lesson. I ended up in the bathroom sinking in my own puke. But I made a comeback and danced silly to one of those Britney’s song.

Nothing had changed much until you have been doing this every damn year and it gets boring.

People come to your party, eat your food, say happy birthday when you blow the candles on the cake you buy, they leave , and tomorrow is just another day.

There is nothing productive about it, isn’t there?

You are just taking another step closer to where you came from. You are celebrating death. Life is a journey. A journey to identity, a journey to pain and sorrow, a journey of a stronger, a journey to peace, and it is a journey to death. I don’t know if you have realized this, but I have.

This year has been so tough and it was a big test for me. Considered what life has put me through, I past the test. I survive the journey.

And if it is a case for celebration, then I will do it. I will celebrate my survival. I will celebrate my tiptop to death.

I did wish so, but I am glad it didn't happen so soon

I don’t really care if you remember my birthday, but I hope people remember what I have done to them/the world during my stay in this crazy planet.

I try to leave the best of me  for other people to see and inspire them to do the same or even better.

You don’t need to agree with me, and to be honest I don’t care.

This is how I perceive life.

At the age of 23, I have made a lot of mistakes than some of 40 years old. I have tried to success and failed more than some of 60 years old.I have been doing well every time I made new mistakes.

Birthday Dinner alone last year .... Best thing someone could have done to me!! leave me the f*ck alone for one

This birthday, I will celebrate my successfully failing of life. I will celebrate to my mistakes, and celebrate a journey to my cemetery. I want you to come visit me there and think of me for a person who makes a difference and inspires people, not to throw a rock at my grave.

Well, I don’t care now, so I won’t care later anyways.

23 and going to be 24, 25, and 70 if I am lucky

Wimintra since 1987


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  1. 🙂 just keep swimmin

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