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I just finished Neil Strauss’es book ” Emergency : This book will save your life” I love it. There were so much about life I didn’t know, many useful skills and helpful tips that would keep me alive if I ever got lost in the forest.

99 percent chance of my survival before reading the book, the 1 percent was I wasn't sure if I could fight a man and win.

24 years,without camping or outdoor skills I have survived. I can’t light my own cigarrett I did once and the pressure from my tumb broke my nail. I don’t know how to use a knife. I can’t drive because I don’t want to. I don’t even know how to ride a motor bike. Without all these skills, I am still alive. I never thought I would be traveling through the woods and get lost ,or even I did go camping I would have my blackberry, charger,computer….I’m sure the today technology would save me. I know for the fact that I’d be safe no matter where I go or what I do. It’s been this way for 24 years and it may be this way…forever.

I tried to cut the apple into pieces. It was so hard and I ended up eating uncut


I never thought of taking Muay Thai lesson as a self-defense. I wanted to lose weigh, to be honest. Even 6 months of training I still got kicked the shit out of myself from a 6 year old boy when we sparred. No way I can fight someone.

Though,I have trained a street fight with one of the most respected martial art master from the west coast, who I love as my 2nd dad. I have learned basic street fight, pressure points, but there is no guarantee of my survival if THE SHIT HIT THE FAN.

Do I look like I could kill someone?

By the way, I do believe in law of attraction. I have lived with that for 24 years without a thought of me being kidnapped. The ideas of bad accidents never crossed my mind. I just know for the fact that it won’t happen to be.

Then again, as I look back into my law of attraction wishlist. Whatever I wanted I got it, and one of those was traveling through a suburb of a 3rd world country or war zone. And it appears to be real. I will be traveling under the people smuggling project through many different areas of SEA again soon.

My survival kit : Rubber resistance for attractive abs

I don’t think I would need to learn how to make a bomb or anything like that, but at least I should be able to use matches, sew clothes,use a compass, climb tress, etc… You can laugh.. but I grew up as the only child and my parents did everything for me. My dad still cut an apples for me and open a bottle of water for me……

They won’t stay with me forever. And that scare the shit out of me. Although, I can eat an apple with its skin.

So it’s time to learn not to be depending on anyone or anything. When Neil talks about “anyone” he also means “The system” , “The world”, “The nature”. I know I can’t count on my government as much as Neil could count on his. But … if shit like that … Apocalypse … End of the world… Catastrophic….Doom Day…..Blackberry out of business…. then that’s it.

I know my ass is a bad ass. I don't know if it will save my life though. Maybe...

Survival is not about avoiding death, it is about how you chose to die.

I have make a note and a list of some useful skills we overlooked , but it would save our lives. Some of them, I pick up from Neil’s book. Some of them, I learned from scout camp.

I don’t want you to be all freak out and paranoid, but let’s go through this with me and I will start writing all the useful skills, self-defense, and my knowledge of international law.

These are things I cannot do and I have to learn.

  • Drive
  • Fire a gun
  • Deliver first aid
  • Use a compass
  • Fly a plane
  • Light a cigarette with matches
  • Use a knife
  • Learn languages
  • Get in shape
  • Cut fruits
  • Be patient
I want us to survive. The strongest survive. The smartest kill the strongest and they make a new system for us to depend on….
We need to be strong and smart. Neil did tell you everything you need if you ever go out to the wild, but as a woman with 27.3 percent desire to live a wildlife I would combine the knowledge of basic law, self-defense,art of flirting, and how to run on high heels.

I always pack these with me when I travel in the country : (stay thin and healthy)

Hope you do your list and we could start some fun in the next post.
If you have a chance to buy this, do it.

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