The Hidden History of Women By Kj Ink

Back in September, I asked a friend of mine who is a writer,composer, poet, and also an educator to write me a piece about “Woman” to go with my event.  Not just to create such a beautiful piece of work, KJ also put on the most memorable performance of the night.  

I am not a very feminist myself, I do realize that I need a man. I want to be treated like a woman, respected as a female. Gender equality will be one interesting topic to talk about for a long time. How about we don’t fight over that and accept what we are, who we are, and what they are, or what they can be, and appreciate them/us …. 

Kj explains it best

If you have never been touched by words : Follow his work.

There is a history

between our history and pre-history

A history in which Women were kings

A history that was methodically erased by men

til it was forgotten by man

the truth was suppressed

Women oppressed

and brainwashed to believe

they were anything but

better than us

And not just not better

not even equal




and less deserving

This is what we did to them

Pulling the pedestal out from under their feet

and handing them an apron and rolling pin

Artemis - Sumerian female warrior

It has not always been this way

That’s what you need to know

Before Buddha and Jesus andGreeceandRome

Before all the wars

that the Bronze Age bore

women were at the top of the food chain

Imagine that

Imagine it because it was real

A time, on this planet,

when fathers held their daughters as high as their sons

A time when Women did not feel inferior

when they knew their character intellect and insight

were just as good if not greater than any man’s

and they were leaders

of human civilization

This needs to be known

That half of the human race

was once overthrown

In the name of fear and safety

in the face of war

women finally needed men

like never before

and for thousands of years

we both believed this was the way

it has always been

like all the bibles say

but I’m afraid that’s not the case

and it’s time we look at each other

and admit that our sisters

can be better than our brothers

Same for woman : We need a real gent too

because without that admission

we’ll never reach an even keel

and we’ll never live in a world

where no one has to kneel

or submit themselves

to the entitlement of another

the truth has been there all along

it’s the reality you must discover

Amazon Female Warriors

Women were the first slaves

Think about that

And their enslavement was so profound

so psychologically sound

that by the time the chains came off

they forgot what they were capable of

what they could do

with unfettered hearts

and unrestricted minds

They forgot to ask

“If you are free yet powerless, then how free can you be?”

Doesn’t freedom inherently mean some say?

How shocking is it that women 6000 years ago

had rights that they just got back in the last century?

Women's movement in Western World


But our species is not insane

it is just childlike

Over the last 10 thousand years

it has behaved in much the same way

a brother and sister might

One day little brother became bigger than his big sister

guess what happened then

Might has been right for far too long

it’s time we sing a different song

a duet perhaps, instead of a sing-a-long

instead of a one man show

anything I can do….you can do better

and I can do anything better than you

I am not sure if men can look as delicious as us .... Face it, you want to be the guy in the middle

let’s be honest

our chromosomes and genitalia

have little to do with anything

How much you believe in yourself

and how much you are allowed to believe in yourself

is the single most determining factor

in the greatness of any one person’s life

Anything we can do

you women can do too

maybe even better



That seems to be the one area that we excel in

that you never have

Makes you wonder why we men are so proud

I don't think I would want to shave everyday

Don’t you see

by making half of the human race lesser than the other

we have effectively crippled our species

and our path of progress has been

something like

a two person row boat

with only one oar

It’s like our species suffered a stroke

that paralyzed half our body

Think about the atrocities that we have committed

upon each other

that might have never been

if there were a respected woman in the room

where those decisions were made

A respected woman

what images come to mind

when you hear those words



Kj took everyone's breathe away

Thankfully times are changing

Women have nearly dug themselves

out of the cave they were stuck in

and are seeing glimmers of freedom

and the light of independent days

Continue to do that

Continue to push the limits and bounds

that are now more internal than external

just as your foremothers did

when it was the other way around

Behind every great man, there is a crazy woman

I hope as you find more strength within you

you continue to push it out into the world

and make our species stronger, better, more human

more humane

May you reclaim your voice

and rightful place in the natural order of life

Balance us

Help us steer

Help us on our haphazard way

Be our equals

our friends

our allies

I can help myself, and also help you!

But most importantly

help yourselves

Don’t depend on us

Because we have just as much

to learn and unlearn as you

We cannot help but hold you down

even if we try to help you up

Do not take our hand

until you are standing beside us

on this utmost mountain top

We all must think differently

We all must believe in each other

Our perception of the opposite sex

must be broken down

til there is more common ground

than ever before

And in the days leading up to that

if we ever do find out

that chivalry is dead

I hope you

were the ones

who killed it

Well Said

Check more about KJ and his work, you will love him


KJ in action

And a little bit to read about women in history


Me and KJ on the night.


4 comments on “The Hidden History of Women By Kj Ink

  1. wow a fairly long post but worth the read,
    well written

  2. I like what you did with it hun. 🙂

  3. It is so beautiful. I hope people get to read it more. Interesting ideas. Kj you rock 🙂

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