2012, this is my golden globe year.  Every waking hour has destined to be my success. Every sleep has helped me dream bigger, better, and harder. I dream, and I react to my dream I have got what I dreamed of.  I am so done being a sap. I don’t look for people to come […]

The Hidden History of Women By Kj Ink

Back in September, I asked a friend of mine who is a writer,composer, poet, and also an educator to write me a piece about “Woman” to go with my event.  Not just to create such a beautiful piece of work, KJ also put on the most memorable performance of the night.   I am not a […]


I just finished Neil Strauss’es book ” Emergency : This book will save your life” I love it. There were so much about life I didn’t know, many useful skills and helpful tips that would keep me alive if I ever got lost in the forest. 24 years,without camping or outdoor skills I have survived. […]

Happy Birthday : One step closer to death

Congratulations, you are now approaching the death station. Please mind the gap between good and bad, happy and sad. As I am turning 24 this week, I would like to take this opportunity to write down my thoughts and talk shit about my birthday ideas in the past 10 years. When I was 10 a […]

A traveling ho* : Hello Jakarta … Tri Ma Gracie

Jakarta, Indonesia … Gran Melia, 11/3/11 Hello World, I have been staying here for 3 days already since I left Singapore (which I had already settled and called it “HOME”) Now, this is my HOME. “Home away from home” is the best definition and best described my feelings. I have made every place “HOME”. There […]

So you think you know the answers?

This is going to take you a lot of time. It could be days, weeks, months, or years. The sooner, the better. There are 2 simple questions in life that you have been always asked since you were a kid and the answers seem to change from time to time. Goal changes, Fine! DO YOU […]

FISH: And the 3 dudes.

Once upon a time in The Kok (Location can’t be found by Google map, due to its technology and corruption) there are 2 doable looking men fighting over a fish at the biggest party, which held in the best club of the region.  The first dude wants to have the head, we don’t know exactly […]